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Yamaha P-255 in Depth

Item Weight38 pounds
Product Dimensions58.2 x 16.1 x 11.8 in
Item model numberP-255
Number of Keyboard Keys88
Country Produced Inchina
Speaker Count2
Output Wattage15 watts

Box equipment

The product box will contain:

  • A removable music stand sheet.
  •  User manual;
  • 1 power adaptor;
  • 1 Sustain Pedal

*There are also several bundles available in the market for the p255  that provide users with headphones, seats, stands etc. Note that all of this will come at an additional price.

App Integration

The Yamaha p-255 allows users to connect their phones, tablets or iPad through the USB to host connection, giving users the capability to access the recorder, split, the voices, turn on and off the drum patterns and much more.

To make this work user will need an Apple device, a USB cable, the controller app and Apple camera connection kit. Users will be able to access information about the sounds sample creation and historical reference of any particular sound.

By selecting the advanced option icon, users will be presented with this screen:

Advanced menu [Yamaha P255 mobile app]

The advanced option allows users to select different parameters such as:


  • The Dual

Allows 2 or more instruments to be mixed, allowing the player to be creative with their instrument.

  • Split

This allows the user to completely split up their piano in two, the digital piano will play a certain voice on the top left of the piano, and a different one on the bottom right of the piano. The split point is adjustable, so users will be able to specifically chose a desired split location.

  • Song

This gives the digital piano the capability of playing any song, as long as the song is on the mobile device or iPad.  Songs can also be transferred to the digital piano as long as there is enough space on the p-255

  • Rhythm

There is a large array of rhythms incorporated, from jazz to classical

*In case of problems, there is also a help desk on the application that will guide users further.


This digital piano also comes with 3 equalizer sliders, that allow drastic and quick changes to any of the voices or layers used.

The slides available are the High, the mid and the Low. This frequency sliders will come really handy in a band scenario as you can easily bring down the low frequency to leave space for the other instrumentalists, or increase the high and adjust the mid, all depending on the setup and situation.

Yamaha P-255

SKU: p255
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